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Ferrara Ophthalmics

dr-paulo-ferraraFerrara Ophthalmics was founded by Dr. Paulo Ferrara in 1999 as a result of his research work started in1986. In 1976 Dr. Ferrara was writing his Doctoral thesis in the ophthalmologic department of UFMG. This research project, accomplished in 1981, was about contact lens fitting in kertoconus patients. After this work he became aware of the visual disabilities of keratoconus patients, such as the impossibility of optical correction with glasses and the difficulty of wearing contact lenses. In 1983 Dr.Ferrara became one of the first surgeons to work on the radial keratotomy used to correct low myopias, soon realizing there was a need for new techniques to treat a wider ranger of refractive defects. In 1985, Dr. Ferrara started to use intracorneal implants that were correcting high myopias, which eventually lead to the development of the Ferrara corneal rings. Since then Dr. Ferrara has been devoted to improve the technique through research in his clinic, as well as partnering with universities such as the Ophthalmologic Institute at the University of Valladolid (IOBA) in Spain. Dr. Ferrara has furthered his studies on the behavior of the cornea and its interaction with implants and also on new polymers and nanotechnology, searching for new uses for the ring. From his partnership with the University of Valladolid came the founding of the company Ferrara e Hijos, headquartered at the Biotechnical Park of Boecillo, near Valladolid, Spain. Among other advancements, the yellow Ring was a result of this close collaboration after a claim by many ophthalmologists, and some patients, that the small diameter of the Ferrara Ring affected night vision. New features will be released soon.


Dr. Paulo Ferrara recebe homenagem surpresa em Pará de Minas

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3D Manual Technique

3D Manual Technique

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